Reading Slumps and Writer’s Block

Good morning everyone! I have a full work day ahead of me (11 hours!), so I’m actually writing this post from the past – hello!

Today I wanted to get some frustrations off of my chest. As you may or may not know, my top 2 goals for this summer were to read more and write more. To help with that, I decided to run a super, super casual daily writing challenge throughout August.

Well, things haven’t gone as planned.

First of all, I’ve been working a lot more because two of my coworkers have had to take time off for personal reasons. I have been covering a lot of their shifts, and today is my second full-day shift, which is rare.

Secondly, because it’s nearing the end of summer I’ve been going out more, spending time with my friends and boyfriend before we all head back to school in September. This also takes up a lot of my reading time (though I 100% do not regret it).

As for reading, I’m not sure if I’m just in a huge reading hangover from Six of Crows, or if I feel bad for reading because I know I’m supposed to be writing. My Goodreads says that I’m currently reading 3 books, but right now I don’t know if they’re necessarily the books I want to be reading. All of this adds up to one big reading slump.

And writing: I started out my own challenge strong, but it looks like I lost my inspiration during the second week – ain’t it sad? I just don’t feel like writing anymore, which is frustrating because during the school year all I wanted to do was write stories.

So, what have I decided to do about it?

For reading I think I’m going to duck out of Seize the Book’s choice for this month (Sorry, Adele!). I have wanted to read I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson for so long, but right now it’s not the book I want to be reading the most. I think I’ll also stop reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, because I haven’t picked it up for a while and it, too, is not a book I feel like reading right now (not sure if I’ll give it back to my aunt or if I’ll just keep it for a bit). I want to start focussing on what I want to read, especially the books I already own. I also want to go to some YA events that Indigo is hosting, so I should try to read the books by the attending authors.

For writing, I’m not going to try to push myself anymore, because it just leaves me frustrated and it’s wasted time. I’m going to write when I feel like it, because that’s when I’ll be the most productive. With that in mind, my daily writing updates are going to stop. So, I basically failed my own challenge. Sorry. I know, it’s really bad. If you want to see someone who’s doing really well with this challenge, check out my pal Wolfie’s stats! Wolfie’s been doing so much writing, and I wish I had that kind of creativity/inspiration! I’ll keep doing the prompts on Mondays (if I remember), but I definitely think the next writing challenge I do is going to be a week long – one month is too much!

Do you think this is a good idea? If you’ve got any suggestions or words of wisdom for me, I’d really appreciate it!

Talk to you all soon.



Write Every Day in August Day 10 Stats

Number of Words Written: 0

Number of Words Written in Total: 3,019

Which Piece I Worked On: N/A

Important Events:

  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Baked cookies
  • Hung out with my boyfriend

Overall Thoughts on the past 3 days: Look, I figure I’ve already failed the challenge (didn’t write Saturday), so there’s no point in me trying to write before I go to bed tonight. I just had a lot to get done today, between cooking for my brother and his friends to baking cookies for work to spending time with my boyfriend.

Honestly, right now I’m kind of regretting even having this challenge. I’ve wanted to improve my book blogging (and I was reminded about this today), but I’ve found that it’s hard to do that when I’ve got this challenge going on – I haven’t read for a few days! That being said, I’ve been wanting to get back to writing fiction for a long time, too, and that was the point of this challenge.

I just kind of feel stuck between two of the things I want to do, both of which take a lot of time and energy and commitment. Hopefully I can sort things out soon.

I hope you’re all doing all right! If you’ve got any words of encouragement, please sent them my way. I could really use them.


Write Every Day in August Days 6-8 Stats

Number of Words Written: 843

Number of Words Written in Total: 2,920

Which Piece I Worked On: I gave up on the competition piece, and instead turned to the contemporary novel about a teenage competitive baker. I did an outline on Sunday, and did a bit of character sketching.

Important Events:

  • Spent a lot of time with family and friends
  • Work

Overall Thoughts on the past 3 days: So I pretty much failed the challenge because I didn’t write at all on Saturday. Even though I’m supposed to be working on my competition piece, I’m pretty glad I changed projects, if only because my creative juices were not flowing enough for the short story. I’d like to work on an outline for this novel tomorrow, but I’ve also got a lot of other stuff to do, so we’ll see!

How did you do this weekend?


Write Every Day in August Day 5 Stats

Number of Words Written Today: 45

Number of Words Written in Total: 2,077

Which Piece I Worked On: Continued the competition piece. I feel like I should give y’all a name for it, but I really can’t think of one

Today’s Events:

  • Hung out with my boyfriend
  • Watched the Opening Ceremonies

Overall Thoughts on Today: This day definitely didn’t go as well as I was hoping it would, but I am a lot happier with what I did manage to write. Small victories!

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Write Every Day in August Day 4 Stats

Number of Words Written Today: 29

Number of Words Written in Total: 2,032

Which Piece I Worked On: The same competition piece. I tried thinking of something else, but nothing came to mind.

Today’s Events:

  • Work
  • Did some book photography
  • Watched YouTube videos
  • Watched some TV

Overall Thoughts on Today: Oh man, this was pretty bad. The worst writing day so far, I think. I had meant to write during my break at work, but then I ended up watching a live broadcast on YouTube. Woops.

Hope today was better for all of you!


Write Every Day in August Day 3 Stats

Number of Words Written Today: 543

Number of Words Written in Total: 2,003

Which Piece I Worked On: I continued on my competition story today. It’s still difficult to write, but I got pretty far. Honestly, I’m kind of hoping inspiration for a different story pops up, but it has yet to happen.

Today’s Events:

  • Work
  • Did a little bit of school prep and research

Overall Thoughts on Today: This was better! I’m going to have more time tomorrow, as well, so I’m looking forward to making the most of it.

How was day 3 for y’all?

Thanks for reading!


Write Every Day in August Day 2 Stats

Number of Words Written Today: 53 (+ 32 for a synopsis that I’m not going to count towards the grand total)

Number of Words Written in Total: 1,460

Which Piece I Worked On: I attempted to work on my competition piece today, but because it’s unfamiliar territory I had a hard time finding the right words.

Today’s Events:

  • I watched more YouTube videos because I have no self control
  • I worked 2 shifts so 8 hours of reading time disappeared

Overall Thoughts on Today: It was a pretty bad writing day lol. Tomorrow I only work 1 shift so hopefully I’ll be able to write more. I still have to do the prompt, too!

What about you guys? How’d day 2 go for you?

Thanks for reading!


Write Every Day in August Day 1 Stats

Hello fellow writers! How did the first day of WEDiA (Write Every Day in August) go for you?

Here’s how my writing went today:

Number of Words Written Today: 1,407

Number of Words Written in Total: 1,407

Which Piece I Worked On: this high school adventure story inspired by my favourite reality show. It’s honestly probably not going to go anywhere, but it was something fun to do and I was in the mood to write it.

Today’s Events:

  • I needed to finish Six of Crows for my book club, so I prioritized that instead of writing.
  • I also got caught up on all of my favourite YouTubers’ videos haha

Overall Thoughts on Today: Not too bad for the first day, but I should really start focussing on the short story I want to enter into a competition.

REMEMBER: this week’s prompt is “Introduce yourself through the POV of one of your characters or your favourite character.” You can use the prompt anytime during the week, and don’t forget to tag any posts with #WEDiA2016 and #BeccasAugustWritingChallenge!

Happy writing, friends!