Day Five Stats

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to the sixth day of the readathon! Can you believe it’s almost over? Where has the time gone???

Here are my stats so far:

Pages read today: 0 😦

Total pages read: 342

Books finished: 1

Thoughts on Day 5:

  • I think I’m in a reading slump, because I never feel like reading
  • Instead I cleaned my room and watched Netflix. Eep!

Day 6 Housekeeping:

  • Today’s photo challenge prompt is FREEBIE, so do whatever you want!


Thanks for keeping up with me, folks, and have a wonderful day ❤



One thought on “Day Five Stats

  1. Ugh! Sorry for disappearing! Things got crazy in the middle of the week and I stopped keeping track (and haven’t read much).
    I’ve been obsessively checking the CBC website for the Canada Reads longlist though!!!!


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