A Kind of Late September 2016 Wrap Up

Good morning, and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Canadians out there celebrating! I’m spending today working on an essay and overall just chilling out.

Anyway, September was a doozy of a reading month. As expected, I didn’t get a whole lot of leisure reading time because I’m back to being a full-time student, and I’m in some pretty demanding classes. Midterms are during October, so I’m very worried that this month I’ll read even less than I did last month. Luckily, one of my classes requires that we read ethnographies, which I’ll be counting towards me Goodreads goal. Cheating? I don’t think so, but maybe you do. Hey, I have to do what I can to meet this dang challenge.

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Like I said, I only read one book this month, which was The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow. I gave this book 4/5 stars, and you can check out my review for it HERE!

That’s pretty much it for me! This week is my week off, so on top of my school work I’m hoping to take the time to get some better blog posts out there and better photos on my bookstagram.

Have an awesome week, everyone, and hopefully we’ll talk soon!



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