My First Indigo Teen Hangout Event

Last night at 7PM, ten Indigo locations across Canada held (what I believe is) their first Teen Hangout Event. I made the trip to my nearest location along with my wonderful boyfriend, Lucas, and this is how it went.


It started off with a lot of rain. Lucas’s dad had agreed to drive us there, since he needed to be in that area anyway. Unfortunately, we ended up getting stuck in heavy traffic; it seems that people completely forget how to drive in pouring rain. We ended up getting to the location at 6:15PM – so much for grabbing a nice sit-down dinner beforehand. Lucas and I settled for a food court dinner, and ate quickly before heading up to the Indigo.

After hitting the washrooms, Lucas and I found the Teen section, where a bunch of other readers had gathered. The Indigo team – donning #TeamRhysand I Survived Chapter 54 shirts – were still setting up the space, which was tightly packed into a corner of the already small Teen section. Lucas and I stood in the furthest aisle, reading the titles and finding our favourites.

The staff finally called us to gather in the corner at 7:10PM. They apologized for the small space – they hadn’t expected this many people to show up (there were about 15 of us). They introduced themselves, and explained the fairylights and autumnal decorations; they were going for an Autumn Court theme (ACOTAR, anyone?), since fall is just around the corner. Then they jumped right into the hangout activities.


First, we were all given a real rose and asked to place it in one of the vases on the closest table. Each vase had a book sitting in front of it – A Court of Thorns and Roses, Cinder, Miss Peregrine’s, Throne of Glass, and Looking for Alaska. Our roses would be used as ballots, and the book that got the most votes would become the Reader Pick of the Month at that Indigo location. I voted for Throne of Glass, but when Lucas handed me his rose (he didn’t know which one to vote for, since he hasn’t read any of them) I put it in the Miss Peregrine’s vase. What can I say, I wanted all the books to get some love!

After the voting finished, they handed out a little quiz for us to fill out, and the person who got the most correct would win an Indigo gift card, the second place getting a copy of the winning book in the previous vote. Thankfully, all the questions had to do with popular books, so I guessed the answers to most of them. The ones I didn’t get were:

  1. What’s Prim’s cat’s name? (Buttercup)
  2. What marks Magnus Bane as a warlock? (Cat eyes – one of the girls at the event actually gave me this answer, which was super nice of her)
  3. What are the names of Feyre’s sisters? (I got Elaine, forgot Nesta)

On the back of the quiz was a suggestion form – what did we like and not like about the event, what are our favourite books, etc.

After that we played a version of Heads Up, where we had to guess the title of the book on our foreheads with the clues the others gave us. The catch was that we weren’t allowed to say the title (obviously) or name any of the characters (a little trickier). People volunteered to go up and play, and everyone who guessed correctly got to pick an ARC from a pile they had on the furthest table. Unfortunately, because they hadn’t expected this many people they didn’t have enough ARCs to give out.

Luckily, I was picked to go up and play. The clues I was given were “It’s being turned into a movie” and “old”. So I guessed Miss Peregrine’s, and I was right! I was quite relieved, actually, that I got a book I knew (though never read), because I had been worried I’d be given a book I didn’t know, and therefore wouldn’t get an ARC. Priorities, I know LOL.

When I went to the ARC table, there were only about four books left to choose from. All of them were wrapped in brown paper and burlap, with tags on them that had 3 word descriptions of the books within. Like a Blind Date with a Book kind of deal. I picked the one that said “Royal, Survivor, Rebellious”.

From that description, can you guess which ARC I got?

Drumroll, please…



I unwrapped it to find The Swan Riders by Erin Bow! The cover’s really neat, but when I saw the tech-y background I showed Lucas, who instantly took it from me and read the description. Now, unfortunately this is a sequel to The Scorpion Rules, so I’ll have to read that first before I read this. But the cool thing is that both Lucas and I are interested in it now – we both love a good sci-fi novel. What a neat way to be introduced to a book!

After that we took some pictures and sat around to talk books. One girl recounted the tale of how she didn’t talk to her grandmother for a month after she spilled coffee on her paperback Selection series books. The Starbucks in the Indigo brought us some mini vanilla bean frapuccinos, which was cool. The Indigo team even let us take home one of the roses!

Lucas’s dad called him at this point to let us know that he’d come pick us up. I went up to the Indigo workers (one of whom I swear is the sister of one of my former TAs) and thanked them for the fun event and for the ARC. They were really appreciative of the fact that we came to the event. They were so nice!


And that was pretty much it. It was only an hour long event, so it actually took us more time to get there than we spent there. In the future, I now know that if I want to attend one of these events I need to make a day out of it. Spend more time in the big city, you know?

Thank you to Indigo for the fun event, and to Simon & Schuster Canada for the The Swan Riders ARC!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and thank you for reading!



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