My Reading Habits

Hey everyone! Sorry today’s post is late, I had company over and was baking cookies for work!

Anyway, today I’m going to be talking about my reading habits – I talk so much about what I read, but not as much about how I read. I’m pretty sure there’s a tag for this, but I’m too lazy to look it up, so you’ll have to settle for me talking about whatever aspects of reading I can think of lol.

Where I Read

When I’m home there are two spots that I usually sit in: a corner leather chair, which is big enough for this long-legged girl to curl up in, and my bed. I also like to read at the library, sometimes even leaving for work early so I can read before my shift starts. I should read on the bus, but it’s just not long enough for me to need it.

Special Reading Position?

I mostly read with my feet tucked beneath me, although sometimes I will change it up and stretch my legs out in front of me. Wild, I know. 😛

Reading Necessities

I don’t need too much when I read. I like to have my phone nearby so I can update my Goodreads with my feelings, especially when something exciting happens in the book. I also need a bookmark, although it doesn’t have to be an actual bookmark – I’ll use receipts, tickets, and even tissues if I don’t have a bookmark on hand.


I’m not personally a huge fan of eating while reading; I don’t want to get food residue from my fingers onto the paper, nor do I want to get crumbs stuck between the pages. As for drinks, sometimes I’ll make myself a cup of tea (for aesthetics, obviously), but most of the time I just enjoy water with my books.

Can You Multitask?

Honestly? Not really. Whenever I try to read while someone’s watching TV, I get distracted, even if what’s on isn’t something I’d normally be particularly interested in. I also don’t tend to listen to music when I read, as that’s something I save for when I’m doing school work. Most of the time if I’m going to read, I’ll do it in a quiet room or in a quiet public area like the library.

Dust Jacket On or Off?

I usually keep the dust jacket on, believe it or not! Even when I travel with a hardcover I usually keep it on. It doesn’t bother me too much, and a lot of the time I like looking at it, especially if it contains details mentioned in the book – or if it’s really pretty!

Fast or Slow?

Overall, I’m a pretty slow reader. Even when I really like a book, I’ll take my time with it because I don’t want to rush and miss details. I was not gifted with the talent of fast reading.

Stop at Chapters or Stop Whenever?

Usually I’ll stop whenever, which I’ve actually tried to do less of lately because sometimes I’ll pick a book back up and just get confused because I left off in the middle of a chapter.

Let me know in the comments below about your reading habits! If you’d like me to do the actual tag, which I figure goes more in-depth than this, let me know!

Talk to you all tomorrow!



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