Write Every Day in August Day 1 Stats

Hello fellow writers! How did the first day of WEDiA (Write Every Day in August) go for you?

Here’s how my writing went today:

Number of Words Written Today: 1,407

Number of Words Written in Total: 1,407

Which Piece I Worked On: this high school adventure story inspired by my favourite reality show. It’s honestly probably not going to go anywhere, but it was something fun to do and I was in the mood to write it.

Today’s Events:

  • I needed to finish Six of Crows for my book club, so I prioritized that instead of writing.
  • I also got caught up on all of my favourite YouTubers’ videos haha

Overall Thoughts on Today: Not too bad for the first day, but I should really start focussing on the short story I want to enter into a competition.

REMEMBER: this week’s prompt is “Introduce yourself through the POV of one of your characters or your favourite character.” You can use the prompt anytime during the week, and don’t forget to tag any posts with #WEDiA2016 and #BeccasAugustWritingChallenge!

Happy writing, friends!



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