Book Review: Quanta by Lola Dodge


Publisher: INscribe Digital/Ink Monster

Date of Publication: October 15, 2015

Dates Read: October 7 – November 17, 2015


Just because Quanta can see the future doesn’t mean she can change it. She’s spent most of her life imprisoned, feeding her captors information to keep herself alive, but she’s finally reached the endgame and her death creeps closer by the moment.

The son of two senators, Altair Orpheus leads a life of privilege that provides the perfect cover for his side job: working with the rebel Shadow Ravens to undermine the ruling Seligo government. Everything is running like clockwork until he crosses paths with Quanta. As he watches her deftly maneuver through life in a perverse prison, his plastic heart melts. A jailbreak would be suicide, but Tair is willing to sacrifice everything to give her a chance at happiness.

Now Quanta senses a terrifying new future brewing. She and Tair are bound together, but every image of them kissing, snuggling, and acting knee-weakeningly happy is balanced by a much darker possibility. They’ll be picture perfect together, but only until time rips them apart. How can she follow her heart when she’s seen how their love plays out?

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Note: I received an ebook copy of this book from INscribe Digital via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

My rating: ★★★★☆

Confession: I had no idea Quanta was the second book in the Shadow Ravens series until after I got accepted to read it. Woops. That being said, I think it works well as a standalone, except now I want to read Cipher to see how her story goes.


I was pleasantly surprised by this book. At first I thought it would be a solid 3 stars, but the second half of Quanta is what really won me over.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to read this book as quickly as I was hoping to. I read a few pages a day during the beginning of October, but then I got slammed with assignments and tests. My reading experience wasn’t as smooth as I was hoping it would be, which makes it slightly harder to remember how I felt about the beginning. For the most part, though, I’m pretty sure I know my feelings.

Like I said above, the beginning seemed a little slow for me. Honestly, when I was busy with work and felt the craving to read, there were other books I would’ve grabbed over this one. I’d say the first 40% was pretty “meh.” Even that one semi-minor revelation, that I think was supposed to be big, didn’t really faze me.

But then the big twist happened, and that’s when things picked up. It was an intense adventure that, for the most part, took place in one facility. I don’t know how Lola did it, but she did. When you thought things were going to work out, they didn’t. When you thought escape was possible, it wasn’t. All the twists left my jaw on the floor. Lola brings “things not working right on the first try” to a whole new level. If you read this, you’ll see what I mean.

The world this was set in was quite interesting, actually. Still very much dystopian (I guess utopian depending on which character you’re asking), but its sci-fi aspects didn’t make it feel like all the other dystopians I’ve read. Body modifications, immortality, the pursuit of perfection, a hierarchy-of-sorts within the upper class based on your profession and the colour of the helix you bear, futuristic tech, totally weird and totally creepy experiments… yeah, I liked how this universe was portrayed and detailed. Bonus points for that.

As for the characters, they were pretty cool for the most part. Quanta is feisty yet knows her weaknesses, and openly admits to not knowing everything (and hating it!). I grew more attached to her with every scene. By far my favourite. Altair, on the other hand, seemed too much like the knight-in-shining-armour type to me in the beginning. At some point, between his chemistry with Quanta, the full explanation of his backstory, and his chemistry with Quanta, my mind had changed. The blurb talks about his plastic heart melting, but I guess he melted my plastic heart whenever he talked about Quanta. You could practically see his heart eyes. And why he wants to take down the Seligo actually makes sense, at least to me it does.

And DARREN. UGH. DARREN. GET THAT NAME OUT OF MY HEAD. Darren is a total creep and even the very mention of his name on a page made me shiver. A+ for getting me to feel how everyone else felt about him. He deserved every little bit of what he got.

Cass, though not a major character, deserves at least a small mention. She is absolutely my second favourite character. She’s quirky and wonderful, and it’s too bad we didn’t see more of her.

I’m still a little bit lost on how Quanta is able to do what she does, but I’m trying to keep in mind that A) this is a work of fiction so pretty much anything goes, and B) Altair is like an amplifier. Or I guess a hidden power source?

Overall: A fun, intense read that was much better than I had expected.

This review was originally posted on my booklr on November 19, 2015


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