My 7 Auto-Read Authors

Good morning readers, and happy Friday!

Today I’m going to discuss with you the authors who have won my little biblio-heart, the ones who make me smile and laugh and get teary-eyed on a regular basis. These are the authors I trust, the ones whose books, no matter what they’re about, I will eventually read without a second thought.

These are my auto-read authors, in no particular order.

1. Morgan Rhodes

Rhodes is the author of my favourite series, Falling Kingdoms, and the spinoff A Book of Spirits and Thieves. Her books continue to be a consistent 4-5 stars for me, and I’m always happy to be taken to other worlds through her writing. Plus, she is such a nice person, which was confirmed when I met her at the ABOSAT book launch last year.

2. Alice Oseman

Oseman is such a great young talent, and I’m excited for what brilliance is coming from her next. Not only is she super down-to-Earth and unafraid to be herself, her writing is just so real and raw without ever being boring. I personally saw a lot of myself in Radio Silence, her most recent book, but I also very much enjoyed Solitaire, both books gaining a spot on my favourites nook. I really look forward to the next one!

3. Sarah J. Maas

I know many people are hit-and-miss about Maas, but I really enjoy her writing. There’s something very magical about it, how she weaves the words to put visuals in your head and make you feel like you’re there. While I still haven’t finished Queen of Shadows due to its daunting size, my love for Maas’s writing was renewed when I finished A Court of Thorns and Roses, and I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon.

4. Renée Ahdieh

While I’ve only read The Wrath and the Dawn, it was enough to convince me to keep up with this lady and her books. It was intense and fun at the same time, and such a wonderful, unique story, which I feel like will be Ahdieh’s staple. I’m excited to see where she will take her lovely writing next!

5. R. C. Lewis

The first Lewis book I read was a NetGalley advanced copy of Spinning Starlight, and after that I was hooked. I bought Stitching Snow, which was released before Spinning Starlight, and I was definitely not let down. I haven’t done a lot of diving into the sci-fi genre, but her books have made me want to do more of it. She uses techno-jargon without being confusing, has kickass female leads who will do what it takes to save the ones they love, and enough of a romance to please any romantic. It’s always a good time with Lewis.

6. Maggie Stiefvater

I liked the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy (though I still have to read Sinner), and I’ve been wanting to read The Raven Cycle for a long time now. I don’t think I can pinpoint exactly why I want to read all of her books, besides the fact that she’s a pretty cool human being – I enjoy her snark. While her books, like Maas’s, may be hit-or-miss with a lot of people, I have a feeling that this woman will continue to weave stories that impress me. Seriously, I need to get onto that Raven Cycle train.

7. Riley Redgate

Redgate is the author of Seven Ways We Lie, one of the best books that I read in 2015. Much like Oseman, Redgate wrote a story that was dramatic but contained much of the real world within. SWWL touches upon a lot of topics that are important to this generation, which most other books don’t even begin to cover. It’s both refreshing and informative. More people should read this book!

Did any of my picks surprise you? Who are your auto-read authors? Let’s talk about them in the comments!

Have an awesome weekend, everyone.




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