This isn’t the story I wanted to tell.

About a week and a half ago Indigo held a contest where the winners would go to the advance screening of Me Before You, the movie adaptation of the book by Jojo Moyes. I entered for fun, and then completely forgot about it.

Monday rolled around and I got an email from Indigo saying that I was one of the lucky winners of the contest.

Say whaaaaaat?

I’ve won book giveaways before, but I’ve never won like legit contests that companies held, so I was pretty excited about this. I invited my friend Jer to come with me, since he also read and enjoyed the book. We signed all the forms and printed our passes. I also found out that, before the screening, Jojo Moyes would be at the Indigo near the movie theatre doing a signing. I started writing the blog post about the signing and the movie in my head all of Tuesday, how I would share my experience at the signing with all of you.

We left early on Wednesday, wanting to give ourselves plenty of time to get to the theatre by 6:30PM. We ate dinner in a mall’s food court (A&W) at about 5:30PM, then started wandering through stores, trying to find Jer a coat because he didn’t bring one and it was colder outside than he thought it would it. We walked through the Indigo in the mall, looking at books but not purchasing anything.

When I think back, it’s funny that neither Jer nor I noticed that there was no signing booth set up for Jojo Moyes. That should have been my first clue.

At 6:25 we made it to the theatre, and we could see people at tables with movie tickets laid out in front of them.

I walked up to one and asked “Me Before You?”

The girl behind the table gave me a confused look and asked the exact same thing.

That should have been my second clue.

So Jer and I walked up to the guy who rips the movie tickets, and before I could speak he said “Neighbours 2 over here,” and he mentioned where to go if I were seeing another movie, but I forget what it was called. The point is, neither of the movies he mentioned were Me Before You.

So I held up my passes and he read the paper.

He then informed us that we were at the wrong theatre.

My heart dropped into my stomach.

Jer and I rushed downstairs, him on his phone trying to find out where the right theatre was. Apparently it was waaaay the heck North of where we were, so he called an Uber. We were waiting a long time, however, and I was getting impatient just standing there and waiting for this random car to pick us up, so we decided hailing a cab would be faster.

It felt like we were in the taxi for hours, but realistically we were only there for about 15 minutes. Jer says the drive was supposed to take longer, but this is one of the rare times where I’m thankful that our city’s taxi drivers are speed demons.

So at 6:58 we arrived at the theatre and rushed up the 3 flights of stairs that it took to get to where we needed to go (seriously, why were there so many stairs?). There were actually a couple of other people just like us, holding paper movie passes, one of them ahead of us, so she reached the table first.

There was a sign behind the table that read “Closed”, and the two women at the table were informing the girl ahead of us that the theatre was full, and instead they would be giving people vouchers to see any movie they want in the future. The girl was pretty pissed, asking how it was full and why nobody said anything. Unfortunately she didn’t read the fine print, where it states that they overbook on purpose to ensure the theatre will be full. The girl ended up just throwing her paper onto the table and stomping off without taking a voucher. Jer and I silently got our vouchers and left without making a scene.

We felt pretty stupid, actually: Jer had misread the address in the email from Indigo, which is why we had been at that first theatre, and while I had memorized the intersection near the theatre we needed to be at, not once did I clue in to the fact that we had been in the wrong place.

We took the subway back to the bus station, and bussed back home. We actually ended up meeting one of our friends at a Chapters closer to home, where we wandered around until closing. I bought some books (one a father’s day present) to try to make myself feel better – yay retail therapy!

So yeah, yesterday hadn’t really gone as we had planned it. Right now we (or at least I) feel pretty gross about it, but I’m sure in a few years on my wedding day Jer’s going to retell that story in front of all of my wedding guests, and we’re all going to laugh because old misfortune is hilarious.

I hope your Wednesday went a lot better.

Thanks for reading!

~ Becca


3 thoughts on “This isn’t the story I wanted to tell.

  1. Oh no, that sucks!
    I’ve done something similar before; I had won tickets for an indie film that was only showing for one night….and showed up the day after, ugh.
    Well I hope you eventually get to see and enjoy the movie, bu the sounds of it, despite the location mixup it sounds like there were quite a few others who didn’t get in the movie. Bummer.


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