School’s Out Readathon Book Photo Challenge

Good morning friends!

So in my last post about the readathon I planned on hosting I mentioned an optional book photo challenge. Welp, here it is!


Day 1 (April 24 12PM – April 25 12PM): TBR

Day 2 (April 25 12PM – April 26 12PM): Relax

Day 3 (April 26 12PM – April 27 12PM): Fresh

Day 4 (April 27 12PM – April 28 12PM): Outside

Day 5 (April 28 12PM – April 29 12PM): Happy

(all of the above in Eastern Standard Time)

As per most book photo challenges I know of, these prompts are completely open to your interpretation. Day one’s prompt is pretty straightforward – a picture of the books you plan to read for the readathon – but the other prompts can be expressed however you like!

If you have any questions, shoot me a message and I will try my best to answer quickly!

Oh, and remember that this readathon is toooootally casual. 100% no pressure. You go at whatever pace suits your schedule and makes you the most comfortable.

Have a great Friday!

~ Becca


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