Beccathelitwitch’s Unofficial School’s Out Readathon

Hello and happy Thursday! If you follow my booklr you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t done a lot of posting on there over the past couple of weeks, and if you’re my friend on Goodreads then you probably know that I also haven’t done a lot of reading. This is all because of exam season, which normally wouldn’t be too much of a  problem except for the fact that I had a calculus exam and, well, I’m really bad at calculus.

Anyway, yesterday I had my calculus exam, which means that I am pretty much free for the next two weeks! After that I’ll be starting my summer job and summer school, so I want to take advantage of this time by having a readathon!

Now, I’m pretty unknown and non-influential, so I don’t expect anyone to be joining me in this 5-ish day endeavour, but if you would like to join in, I would totally love it! Whether I’ll be doing it alone or with just a couple of people, here is all the info on my little readathon:

Who: I’m cool with doing it by myself, but having people to readathon with is always fun!


  • The main activity will be the readathon, where you read as many books/pages as you can in the set number of days
  • I will (try to) host reading sprints 3 times a day, maybe more? They will be announced on my Twitter and booklr
  • I will be doing daily photo challenges for the readathon, which are completely optional, and will be posted on my bookstagram and booklr
  • After about 24 hours I’ll be posting updates on my progress both here and on my booklr
  • If you choose to participate, tag any readathon-related posts (photo challenges, updates, etc) with #schoolsoutreadathon so I can see them!

Where: Wherever you feel like reading!

When: Sunday, April 24th, 12PM (noon) EST – Friday, April 29th, 12PM (noon) EST

Why: To celebrate the end of my term, and maybe the end of term for others!

I think that’s it! This is my first time hosting a readathon, so pardon me if I’m a little new at this and screw up a little lot. Unfortunately I cannot do a giveaway for this readathon, sorry.

If I think of anything else that I forgot to mention, I will probably update this post, so keep an eye on this one for updates!

Once again, I welcome you all to join me in this readathon. Even though you won’t be getting any new books out of this, readathons really help dig into your TBR pile, which is still very rewarding.

Thank you for reading, and we’ll talk soon, okay?

~  Becca




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