5 Places I Get My Books

Depending on where you live, books can be easily accessible from a variety of locations and websites, or difficult to find and expensive to ship because of proximity (or lack thereof). Luckily for me I live in a pretty populated area, so I have many options. As a continuation of my introduction, here are the five places that I like to get my books.

1. Indigo (Chapters, Coles)

Where the US has Barnes and Noble, Canada has Indigo. Indigo is the major bookseller of Canada, with stores like Chapters and Coles spread all across this great country. Their prices are pretty average for a book chain – obviously, it would be nice if books were cheaper, but if you have a Plum Rewards card and search through the bargain books like I do every time I go, you might end up with some good deals. Indigo also sells decor, paper, and accessories, so I might walk in intending to buy a book, but I’ll end up walking out with a book and 3 notebooks (true story). Because it is a chain store that’s pretty much everywhere, it should come as no surprise to most Canadians that this is my main source of books.

2. Library

If I made this list about 3 years ago, Library wouldn’t even be a category. That’s because for a long time I believed in “if I want to read a book, I need to buy it” because I wanted to start building my own home library. Now as a twenty year old student with overflowing shelves, my beliefs have changed just a little bit. I still buy books that I’m really looking forward to or the continuation of series I enjoy, but books that I don’t necessarily feel the need to own usually come from libraries now, both the public and my university’s. In fact, all but one of the books I’ve read so far in 2016 have been books that I don’t own physical copies of – they’ve either been ebooks or I’ve borrowed them from the library!

3. Book Outlet

I found out about Book Outlet from a booktuber I admire, Dana from thebookhoarder (I knew her from her days on Forever the Five Kids, but still enjoy her current videos). Book Outlet buys extra copies of books from publishers and then sells them at a discounted price, both online and at their store(s?). I made my first online purchase with them about a year ago, and then a couple of months later I ended up taking a day trip to the store – I even filmed while I was there, and you can find the video here. I tend to just buy a bunch of books all at once, and then wait a few months because shipping is kind of expensive. But they do have a huge selection, which is nice. The only other issue is that with these discount places I end up buying books that I don’t really need to buy, which fills my shelves faster. Woops.

4. Used Bookstores

My love affair with used bookstores is pretty recent. It started at a Goodwill, where my friends like to go to find inexpensive clothing. While they browsed the Men’s section for loose-fitting shirts, I was wandering around and ended up in the book section. And, as they say, the rest is history. I started keeping an eye out for stores specifically dedicated to used books, and I ended up dragging my mom to a couple of them while she and I stayed in the city for a weekend. The cool thing about these places is that you’re really forced to slow down and take your time to look through all the titles. Once again, the problem becomes that I end up buying books that have really nice covers/that I’ve heard about but aren’t actually on my TBR, because they’re so inexpensive. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t live near any used bookstores.

5. Friends and Family

Honestly, I’ve rarely borrow books from people recently, but with my “buy fewer books” resolution in place, I can foresee myself doing this more often in the future. That’s not to say that I don’t do it now – I’ve borrowed City of Bones from my cousin, Why We Broke Up from my friend Sam, Shiver from my friend Jer, All Around the Town from my grandmother, the list goes on. I’m a lucky girl and I have friends and family who also enjoy reading as much as I do, so trading books isn’t a big deal. My current plan is to borrow Gods Behaving Badly from Jer, but maybe I should wait until I get my own TBR down before I start getting books from other people, eh?

Wow, that was a doozy. Congratulations if you read all the way here. Have a lovely day ❤

Have you bought books from particularly cool places? I want to hear about it!


5 thoughts on “5 Places I Get My Books

  1. I love that 3 of your 5 aren’t new books. I have always been a huge fan of the library and probably get 75%, if not more of my books there.
    Some of my best finds come from a church charity sale that is held twice a year at a church a few blocks from my house. Last Fall I picked up 13 books for 4$!!! They’re due for another sale; can’t wait!


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